Minh Le, Ph.D.

Minh’s primary research focuses include molecular and morphological evolution, conservation biology, and ecology. His interest in turtles began when he undertook his undergraduate thesis on the turtle fauna of Viet Nam. He subsequently received his doctoral degree from Columbia University in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, with his dissertation on the systematics, biogeography, and conservation status of the most endangered turtle family, Geoemydidae.

Minh has conducted extensive fieldwork in Viet Nam to assist conservation measures, including surveys in several of Viet Nam’s protected areas, the results of which suggested that in situ conservation could play a crucial role in protecting species from threats posed by widespread wildlife trade in the country. He currently collaborates with researchers at the Asian Turtle Program to assess the population status of endangered chelonians in northern and central Viet Nam. Minh’s first met John Behler in 1996 and greatly admired his chelonian conservation efforts. Given his interest and dedication to conservation, he is honored to pursue John’s dream as a part of the Turtle Conservancy team.