Miye McCullough

Miye serves as the Turtle Conservancy's Project Manager. She has worked with the Conservancy since 2008. Her work includes everything from field travel planning and logistics, to event planning and public relations, to design and branding. Miye holds a BA in Music Theory and Composition from Liberty University and a degree in Animal Conservation and Management from the Animal Behavior Institute.

She doesn’t have a favorite turtle, but can say she favors tortoises over turtles in general since they are easier to witness in their respective habitats. She enjoys observing the unique behavior of tortoise species. "The Radiata are a bit manic and remind me of a Marx Brothers Movie…the Homopus are like Spiderman, climbing and moving fast…the Pahyrei are like old men and women you’d see in a village in Italy, sitting around, eating and talking and bobbing their heads constantly…the Japonica are feisty and they give you a challenging gaze rather than retracting in fear…the Platynota are so ravenous and crazy; climbing over each other for food, but when they are nesting, they are so methodical, steadfast, and gentle.