Alwyn Naude

Alwyn is part of the fifth generation of Naude’s born on the Farm. He attended the local high school HTS Drosdy, Worcester. Alwyn was raised to be considerate of the environment and specifically to keep in mind the conservation of the Fynbos and Geometric (and other) tortoises on the Farm. Alwyn has great people skills and went on to study hospitality after finishing school, before returning to the Farm to work in agriculture and produce clay bricks.

Southern Africa Tortoise Conservation Trust, the Turtle Conservancy’s South African branch, approached Alwyn shortly after acquiring the Farm and offered him the opportunity to be the key contact to manage the nature reserve, which Alwyn was very happy to accept since it allows him to apply his skills to a cause that he is passionate about and in an areas that to him is home. Since taking on the management of the Geometric Tortoise Preserve, Alwyn has also started a community engagement program to train and employ local residents to work on the reserve and assist with alien plant clearing and conservation efforts. Alwyn understands that it is a full time job and his (and every person’s) duty to look after our environment and biodiversity, including the endangered Fynbos and the tortoises that live there, and to ensure its protection for future generations.