TC Film about the Philippines Turtle Crisis

DISCLAIMER: This film contains graphic depictions of sick or deceased turtles that may be difficult for some viewers.

In June of this year, more than 3,800 Critically Endangered Palawan Forest Turtles were confiscated by authorities on Palawan Island in the Philippines. Within 36 hours, the TC’s Dr. Paul Gibbons and many other organizations and individuals from around the world flew there to help rehabilitate these turtles and return them to the wild. The TC’s James Liu went undercover there to get to the bottom of this global crisis and to capture it all on film. This TC film production, directed by James Liu, captures events at the crisis center, and records on hidden camera his visit the restaurant where the Philippine Forest Turtle was first rediscovered in 2001. James also managed to track down and interview one of the poachers of the confiscated turtles. What might have become a terrible tragedy turned into an amazing success story, due to the collaboration between organizations and individuals to save these turtles. We could not have done this important work without the incredibly generous support of donations from so many – thank you!