Stuart Salenger Creates Radiated Tortoise Assurance Colony

Stuart Salenger, well known for his work with Aldabra Tortoises, has partnered with the Turtle Conservancy to create a new assurance colony of Radiated Tortoises on his new property in Florida. 

For many years Stuart has maintained Aldabra Tortoises on his land in New York where he has a collection of endangered species including Guanacos, the wild ancestor of the Llama. He is now working with Lonnie McCaskill at the Prospect Park Zoo to create new Aldabra Tortoise and Guanaco exhibits. 

In Florida, he recently purchased a property to house a new Radiated Tortoise colony. The Turtle Conservancy then sent 50 of these tortoises that were bred at Ojai to create a new joint assurance colony there.

Stuart has been in the background of the world of tortoises for many years, but is now an active participant in tortoise and turtle conservation. He is on the Board of Peter Pritchard’s Chelonian Research Institute and is a member of the Husbandry Committee and Advisory Board of the Turtle Conservancy.  The Turtle Conservancy is looking forward to many other joint projects with Stuart.