Terrapin Nesting Project

It’s been another record breaking year with the Terrapin Nesting Project, restoring the Northern Diamondback Terrapin population to one of New Jersey’s barrier islands. The nesting season is winding down on Long Beach Island, New Jersey, but that means hatching season is quickly approaching!

To date there are over 170 nests that have been a direct result of our “Re-Beaching” efforts of people’s waterfront properties. By replacing their clay and decorative rock yards with natural sand, female terrapins have been able to nest naturally for the first time in decades. In addition to these sites, over 120 nests have been relocated from rock or clay yards and placed in the TNP’s hatcheries.

The Turtle Conservancy is an active partner in this recovery project and we welcome others who are interested to “Adopt-a-Nest” and help release hatchlings starting in mid-August. Those who can’t visit the island but still want to help are encouraged to do so here. We are currently raising funds for outreach materials, a research kayak for surveys, and ICU supplies for hatchlings.

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