Off to the (Turtle) Races!

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Whether you’re the tortoise or the hare, join our first virtual running event to raise money from your own home for turtles and receive a running medal!

The Turtle Conservancy is thrilled to be the charity partner for the Sontar 6k Virtual Run organized by the Whovian Running Club (WRC). The WRC is a fanthropy program (fandom + philanthropy) harnessing the enthusiasm of Dr. Who fans to ignite people’s passion for living a more active life and to do good making a real-world impact. All participants get a medal for completing the run and more!

Virtual runs are running events that do not have a fixed time and location. Participants can complete their runs anywhere, at any time, at any pace. They can walk, jog, or run indoors on a treadmill, out on a trail, or while walking your dog!. The distance can be completed in a single session, or broken into smaller segments to accommodate all fitness levels. All proceeds will be donated to the Turtle Conservancy. 

The Sontar 6k virtual run launched on July 20th, but registration is still open! The suggested run date is August 4th, but runners have until August 19th to complete their distance. Stay tuned to the WRC website for an interview with TC staff at our conservation center in California.