As our hatcheries grow each year, we need to come up with alternative methods to support our nesting terrapins. In an effort to have more natural nesting, we attempted our first "re-beaching" of people's yards this past year. The concept is simple - donate a portion of your current yard for a small sand dune. Terrapins prefer to nest in sandy soil over artificial substrates. By strategically constructing sandy nesting areas, we can offer them a place to easily and safely lay their eggs. In our first year, we had over 100 nests laid on just two "re-beached" yards. Homeowners have been so thrilled with the experiment, they have agreed to beach more of their yards and we have four more families line up for "re-beaching" next year.

The addition of a nesting ground to your yard is both environmentally friendly and beautiful. By "re-beaching," you are helping local wildlife, supporting the health of the bay, and your family gets a unique experience and memories that will last a lifetime. If interested, please click the button below for more information. (We request a minimum of 100 square feet.)