Maurice Rodrigues

Maurice is one of the Founders of the Turtle Conservancy and serves as Secretary and as a member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee. He holds a degree in natural resource management and studied under the renowned John Behler at the Bronx Zoo for over eight years. During his time at the Bronx Zoo, Maurice completely renovated the aquatic filtration and lighting systems in the reptile house and installed the Zoo’s first reverse osmosis system that allowed for the breeding of amphibians in unprecedented numbers.

Maurice spent his youth seeking out the wildest parts of the northeastern United States. His passion for reptiles and amphibians blossomed at the age of six when his father gave him a box turtle found crossing a road. Despite growing up in the New York City area, Maurice’s first turtle ignited his passion for finding and hatching turtle eggs from nests threatened with destruction. He is an avid conservationist and in his spare time enjoys spending time kayaking and exploring the outdoors with his family.