Northern Map Turtle Project

Northern Map Turtle Project

This summer TSA's North American Freshwater Turtle Research Group started conducting a new research initiative in New Jersey. The study in New Jersey was developed not with the focus of protecting any one particular species, but rather to gather baseline data on all turtle species occurring in the state; allowing researchers to better understand the turtle populations and to help identify potential threats to their long-term survival...

Daniel Craig: The Search for Lost Species

All around the world, across habitats, across taxa and for all kinds of reasons, once-discovered species have fallen off our radar. These lost species are animals or plants that have gone unseen for years or decades and are feared possibly extinct. This collaborative effort between the Turtle Conservancy, Global Wildlife Conservation, and many others has been undertaken to search for the 25 most wanted lost species...

Thank You Nature and Culture International!

Thank You Nature and Culture International!

Since 1996, NCI has helped save almost 14 million acres of endangered ecosystems, working with local and in many cases indigenous communities, and with governments from the local to the national level... 

Green Beetz

Green Beetz

We want to issue a big thank you to Anna Chapman and Green Beetz for inviting us to their food, environment and sustainability fair this past weekend on Long Island! Our goal is to get children and tortoises face to face to illustrate how our daily choices impact wildlife... 

Issue 6

The sixth issue of The Tortoise is here! The 10 feature articles span the globe, from Milla Jovovich's backyard to Doug Aitken’s latest art installation under the Pacific Ocean to multimillionaire turtle collectors in China. This issue of The Tortoise Magazine will be sure to captivate conservationists, art enthusiasts, and world travelers alike. 


New Tortoise Enclosure

PHOTO CAPTION: Armando Jimenez and Angel Reyes with two young Bolson Tortoises.

The latest guests to check in to our Southern California Conservation Center, three young Bolson Tortoises (Gopherus flavomarginatus), are adjusting to life inside of their expansive, new environment. These tortoises came to the Turtle Conservancy last month from a robust assurance colony at Ted Turner's Armendaris Ranch in New Mexico. The Turtle Conservancy and Turner Endangered Species Fund are collaborating on a trans-national effort to protect this tortoise from extinction, which will include reintroducing the species in key locations of its former range in the United States.

Celebrate World Turtle Day!

Join us in celebrating #WorldTurtleDay! and help bring attention to, and increase knowledge of and respect for, turtles and tortoises, and encourage human action to help them survive and thrive.

World Turtle Day is celebrated around the globe in a variety of ways, from dressing up as turtles or wearing green summer dresses, to saving turtles caught on highways, to research activities. 

Recent Hatchlings

The month of April at the Turtle Conservancy’s Conservation Center has been full of babies! The Critically Endangered species include Burmese Star Tortoises, Pancake Tortoises, Roti Island Snake-necked Turtles and a Golden Coin Turtle. We also hatched two amazing and tiny Parrot-beaked Tortoises. This incredible little tortoise is one of the smallest tortoises on the planet and it is also one of the four chelonian species that reside on our Geometric Tortoise Preserve in South Africa.