Animal Adoptions

Thank you for inquiring about how you can adopt surplus animals from the Turtle Conservancy. Your support is a critical for our success in protecting threatened turtles, tortoises, and their habitats. All proceeds directly fund our conservation programs in native range countries.

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Are you currently a member of the Turtle Conservancy? Members receive priority and additional benefits.
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Please select the species you have a serious interest in acquiring for breeding and conservation purposes. *Please note that Radiated Tortoises and Indian Spotted Pond Turtles are listed on the Endangered Species Act, so they are available for adoption by California residents or holders of a current captive-bred wildlife (CBW) permit issued by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.
Please list the number and gender of each species you are interested in acquiring. We have a limited amount of surplus and some requests may be accommodated with additional funding to defray our costs.
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Veterinarian's Contact Information
Please provide information to your veterinarian. (Must have experience with chelonians or ability to access someone who has experience.)
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Please acknowledge that you are aware we cannot provide pictures for individual photo requests of animals. We provide photos that are representative of each species and adopt out animals that meet our standards of health and aesthetics. We understand this is disappointing to some people, but the labor and time saved is needed for our conservation efforts and enables us to adopt healthy animals to interested parties much more efficiently. Your participation in our adoptions program aides us in providing care for our animals and for our conservation programs abroad. We will not entertain photo requests at this time, sorry.
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Have you or your affiliates ever been fined, indicted, or convicted by any government agency regarding the care, welfare, acquisition, or retention of animals housed by you or your facility?
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