In Case You Missed Us...


The Turtle Conservancy Team was in attendance at many incredible conferences this month, including the 70th meeting of the CITES Standing Committee in Russia, the WCN Expo in San Francisco, the Student Conference on Conservation Science in New York City, the trinational trade and enforcement training workshop in Miami, and the Bioneers Conference in San Rafael. Hats off to all the organizers of these — We know how much effort and dedication it takes to produce a successful conservation event.

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Every year, WCN’s Wildlife Conservation Expos provide a unique opportunity to bring together wildlife’s most ardent supporters with some of the world’s leading conservationists to connect, share stories, and make life-long friendships. At Expo you can hear what it’s like to live and work in some of the most remote parts of the world and you can speak to conservationists directly to learn what you can do to help. Expos give you a chance to dive deeper into your love for wildlife, to learn what conservationists are doing to protect endangered animals, and become inspired to make a difference. If you missed it this year, please plan on attending next October!


The Turtle Conservancy was among 30 other exhibitors at the Resource and Career Fair during the Student Conference on Conservation Science at the American Museum of Natural History. The conference was a great opportunity for emerging scientists to present their work and network with academics and conservation organizations. During the conference, TC staff members were able to promote our mission and connect with many conservation scientists working on important wildlife issues around the globe.