Crisis in Madagascar

Our message today is so urgent, and so important to the continued survival of four critically endangered species, that we are requesting your help alongside our friends and colleagues around the world.

Thanks to the generosity of one of our supporters, all donations received before January 1, 2019, will be matched up to $50,000!

2018 marked the worst year for tortoise poaching in Madagascar’s history!

Over 20,000 Radiated tortoises were confiscated in Madagascar, destined for the illegal pet trade in Asia. Further north, the last remaining population of wild Ploughshare tortoises hovers precipitously around 100 adults. We continue our pledge to protect this species in range with our partners.

Slash and burn agriculture continues to threaten all species, including the diminutive Spider and Flat-tailed tortoises. Hunting for traditional food is an ongoing threat to Radiated tortoises and Big-headed turtles.

Our concern is that these species may never recover from these staggering losses unless immediate action is taken. Your tax-deductible donations are critical to the future of Madagascar. The fate of its tortoises is hanging in the balance and we need your support to help these turtles now!

Funds are urgently needed for the following efforts:


This past year we supported our French partners (SOPTOM) and the international community with labor, veterinary support, new enclosures, solar electricity, building equipment and medical supplies. We hope to continue our support as a stopgap for this region until better political solutions can be created.

Land Protection

We continue to protect habitat, support anti-poaching guardians, and build fencing to protect the last wild population of Ploughshare tortoises.

Assurance Colonies

Assurance colonies act as reservoir populations of Critically Endangered species, should their wild counterparts ever disappear. The Turtle Conservancy supports the only successful breeding center of Ploughshares in the world at Ankarafansika National Park. We also safeguard the largest colony of Ploughshares outside of Madagascar at our conservation center in California, as well as one of the largest breeding groups of Radiated Tortoises in the world, with animals in California, the Caribbean, and Florida.

Outreach & Education

Through conservation employment, education and storytelling, the TC aspires to change the culture of animal collecting and trafficking. This is the only way to truly stop the horrific onslaught of poaching events in Madagascar. With your help, we hope to empower local people to protect habitat, benefiting not only the tortoises, but all flora and fauna, as well as the health and prosperity of the villages that share this landscape.


Together with our international partners we are leading the efforts to keep Madagascar wild. We are working to raise $50,000 to support each of Madagascar’s five endemic species of turtle and tortoise. Every donation will be matched $1 for $1 until the end of the year. We foresee ongoing costs for 24-hour security of the Ploughshare tortoise, building of additional breeding facilities, and support of researchers on the ground to study their survivorship.

We could not do this important work without you.



Eric Goode
President & CEO

Help us save Madagascar's imperiled turtles and tortoises this holiday season.

The Turtle Conservancy is on the forefront of the fight against the illegal wildlife trade in Madagascar. We work on both ends of the supply chain in Madagascar and Asia. Numerous articles and network news stories have covered our work fighting the trade in endangered tortoises, including CBS 60 Minutes, Charlie Rose, The New Yorker, click on the link below to learn more and make a donation today. Give your gift today to save Madagascar's imperiled tortoises.