Save Turtles. Save the Planet.

Thanks to your generous support, the Turtle Conservancy in the past year has been able to continue our important work around the globe in securing a future for many endangered turtles and tortoises.

Help us continue our work by helping us fundraise this holiday season for some incredible opportunities!



Online: Start a fundraiser here!

On Facebook: Just go to the fundraiser section at the top of our page and click "create!"

Get some Turtle Conservancy gifts by reaching certain fundraising goals! Everyone who raises money will automatically get a membership equivalent to the amount they raise

  • $25: TC stickers and patches!

  • $50: Sponsor a rescued turtle or tortoise at our conservation center (complete with a printed photo and certificate)

  • $100: Personal thank you on our social media and newsletter!

  • $250: Signed book (Dreaming in Turtle or The Last Tortoise)

  • $500: Tour for you and your friends of our conservation center in Southern California. This center is home to dozens of species of critically endangered turtles and tortoises that are part of conservation breeding programs and those that were rescued from the illegal animal trade and poachers...and an invitation to join us in the field!