New Turtle Nursery

Hatchling Rack 2.jpg

The Turtle Conservancy’s Conservation Center installed a vital new piece of infrastructure this past month – a turtle hatchling nursery. 

This state of the art equipment was installed pro bono by AquaWorks, a custom aquarium and pond installation company that works around the world in zoos, aquariums and private homes. This nursery rack will enable us to house the growing number of hatchling turtles we are producing every year at the Turtle Conservancy. From Roti Island Snakeneck Turtles (Chelodina mccordi) to Spiny Hill Turtles (Heosemys spinosa) to Pancake Tortoises (Malacochersus tornieri), this nursery will house the next generation of turtle and tortoise conservation. Focusing on sustainability, the system allows for the hydroponic cultivation of edible plants for the animals, creating a self-contained ecosystem. The system features a UV sterilizer and copper piping to help combat disease and parasites. To keep up with us as we fill the nursery with temporary residents, check out our facebook and instagram (@turtleconservancy) pages!