Saving the Pacific Leatherback

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Please support our efforts in conjunction with Paso Pacifico in the construction of two new hatcheries in Nicaragua to protect nests from poachers and predators. Help us reach our goal of $8,000 by October 31st!

Eastern Pacific Leatherback Sea Turtles (Dermochelys coriacea) have existed for millions of years, and are now possibly the most Critically Endangered population of sea turtles in the world. Jellyfish specialists, plastic pollution has decimated their numbers, along with long-line fishing, warming seas, and poaching of their eggs in Central America. It is believed as few as 200 adults may remain in the eastern Pacific.

The Turtle Conservancy is joining forces with Paso Pacífico to help save this incredible pelagic giant. Paso Pacífico's approach to conservation is integrative, iterative, and community-based. By working with local communities, landowners, and partner organizations, they are restoring and protecting the habitats that form building blocks for wildlife corridors.


The survival of each turtle and every nest is critical to preserving this species, and with your help, we can help turtle mothers and their hatchlings make it out to sea. Leatherbacks nest solitarily, and these beaches are scattered across the Pacific. The most important leatherback beaches in Nicaragua are in the north, and they need protection.