Bolson Tortoise

Bolson Tortoise Preserve Update

Bolson Tortoise Preserve Update

In mid-June, a team of researchers from TC and HABIO, TC’s Mexican sister organization, spent nearly a week in Mexico’s Bolson de Mapimí to survey the Critically Endangered Bolson Tortoise. In 2016, HABIO and TC purchased the 43,000-acre San Ignacio Ranch at the heart of Mexico’s Bolson de Mapimí desert plateau; at the time the ranch was understood to be inhabited by a good population of tortoises, but no systematic population survey has ever been carried out…

New Tortoise Enclosure

PHOTO CAPTION: Armando Jimenez and Angel Reyes with two young Bolson Tortoises.

The latest guests to check in to our Southern California Conservation Center, three young Bolson Tortoises (Gopherus flavomarginatus), are adjusting to life inside of their expansive, new environment. These tortoises came to the Turtle Conservancy last month from a robust assurance colony at Ted Turner's Armendaris Ranch in New Mexico. The Turtle Conservancy and Turner Endangered Species Fund are collaborating on a trans-national effort to protect this tortoise from extinction, which will include reintroducing the species in key locations of its former range in the United States.